Monday, March 7, 2011

Implications of being a good Muslim!

1: Islam inspires confidence: 
It's remarkably balancing and reviving to find the gap between your beliefs and your actions diminishing. One of the chief reasons why negative self-talks are generated is because of failing to develop an ever-lasting consistency between your beliefs and your actions that translate more vulnerable and feeble beliefs.
This rasp cold voice echoes loudly inside of you, breeding sensations of disrespect and forlornness that thrives monstrously on what speaks up the confidence in you.
Islam's main premise is standing sternly against many lures. This premise signifies the sensitive importance of realizing enough control to lead a healthy and successful life.
It is, without doubt, truly reviving and boosting to keep giving birth to positive self-talks by developing more consistencies throughout doing the actions that comply almost exactly with your beliefs.
Slacking off and failing to abide by your own values builds up an unhealthy image. It rips you out of confidence, because deep inside you, regardless of how perfect the image you're offering people is, you know your true color. You know that you're utilizing the concept of lying to justify or to escape a preaching situation or a harsh disclosure by a friend or parent.
Furthermore, the reason why Islam achieves stunning effectiveness in diminishing behavioral contradictions is the comprehensiveness of its rules and how it manages to keep you out of harm's way. Many justifiable code of conducts offer loosened behavioristic barriers that fail to confess the vulnerability of human beings in the face of many lures that are best controlled when stepped away from.

2: Islam is liberating:
How balancing and healing it is to have your desires and steering cravings under full control. To obtain the ecstasies languished and coveted by millions by doing the exact contrary.
Liberty of your soul lies within being in control of yourself and not being controlled by it. Actions that contradict the nature of righteousness are conducted in the dark, in places you believe no body is watching. Such actions solicit for justifications to stand them for them, justifications that serve as prominent and highly paid lawyers that can get the most dangerous criminals of all out of the clutches of a legal system.
Why did Allah attach exhaustion and resistance with goodness and transient indulgence with giving in? Because within pursuing any goal, whether it is worldly or religious, lays the greatest rewards of all. On the other side where caving in lies, exists the most damaging and heart breaking consequences of all.
Tightening your hand on a 5-series BMW steering wheel while cruising on 100km/hour speed has always been safer than fast-driving a Ferrari Enzo, shying away from an obnoxious woman’s attempt to lure you into having sex has always been better than falling for the spur of the moment and running after your gnawing cravings, learning and insisting on being a successful person has always been better than fumbling for the remote control to start switching channels for the next 6 hours, and opposing a tendency to groupthink has always been better than falling under the severity of the imposed rules.
Therefore, It is profoundly and solidly proven that Islam is the most liberating religion on earth. It requires an unbiased perceptual filter and a person willing to listen to somebody other than himself/herself to realize that.
The same applies to women in Islam. Hijab connotes the most desired liberty for women; it gives them respect, a treatment by men that is not tinged with a desire to thrive on a woman’s lure. Many people presume that they can invent their own dressing code that can forcefully oppress the desires of men, yet it is proven that such humane attempts to justify righteousness have been proved wrong by the results.
However, I am addressing the genuine Islamic hijab and not the version forged by the gradually fading presence of Islamic customs and convictions mixed with the pervasive influences of many authoritative forces. 

3: Islam realizes micro and macro concerns simultaneously:
During your college years, you find yourself obligated to study various subjects with the purpose of finally graduating from college to fill in a desired fulfilling job.
 In this case, studying is the main tool with which you're seeking the attainment of graduation which you will later use as a stair step upon which you can proceed further.
However, while studying, you actually are improving your linguistic competence, since most of our educational contents are offered in languages mostly different from our native one. So, improving your linguistic competence, receiving awareness and maturity are implicit benefits that you get while usually not intending to study for such reasons.
Speaking of Islam and how this example may be relevant to what I am communicating, the same concept of realizing micro concerns while pursuing macro ones is employed.
In the absence of religious strength, one may get imprisoned with his strictly worldly concerns for amassing greater amounts of money, refraining from sexual addictive tendencies to maintain physical healthiness, or organizing his way of sleep, wanting desperately to live up to the expectations of a professional and success-oriented culture.
However, when an individual embraces religiosity, the effectiveness of every Islamic policy guarantees the realization of every humane micro concern while pursuing macro ones.
For example, when you conduct the act of praying 5 times a day, attempting passionately to bond more closely with Allah, employ Islamic moralities and live up to the sensitive fact of being a real Muslim with innumerable stereotypes surrounding him, you're healing many problems in the process.
Spiritual healthiness, physical preservation is guaranteed through refraining from sexually consuming acts-Prior to marriage-, better relationships with people-The concept that states you're ok, they're ok. That is, the quality of your relationships with people is diametrically dependent on how you do really feel about yourself. And since Islam provides spiritual clarity through diminishing inconsistencies and inspiring confidence and self-poise, stable and likable relationships are maintained-, more effective usage of time, putting into consideration the time you have to harness responsibly after the Fajr prayer till later at night after the Esha prayer. All of these benefits are perceived as Micro concerns that are realized automatically when aiming at a more comprehensive goal, which is seeking the contentment of Allah.
After all, he's the one who created us, so it is absolutely correct to have confidence in the virtue of Allah's worldly rules for functioning.

 Islam provides foresight: 
Numerous irresponsible marketing side effects have permeated through eastern societies. Some firms choose to study the culture of a foreign market and conduct a suitable organizational adaptation to offer products that match the preferences of a certain segment of consumers, whereas other multinationals choose to weaken the strictness of a precise set of values so that the veiled young girls would not mind go shop for a tight Guess jeans instead of refusing to purchase it due to its inconsistency with how Muslim women's dress code should look like.
--It's a well-known concept for marketers: offer what the consumer want, or instill in his or her head a propensity to want to purchase what you want to sell. For instance, the purchase of costly watches, shirts, or sunglasses that serves as a self-esteem booster. So, they create the need for the product by associating it with a high social status, knowing that people worldwide are languishing for such acute psychological cravings, especially due to the large number of people who are seeking the presence of feelings that they cannot give birth to internally due to a material sex-based culture that consumed their feelings of self-respect and the hope of being in-control.
So, for example, to sell an Adidas super star. You need two things: the establishment of the social environment that values such a purchase and associate it mentally with extravagance or classiness and the typical stereotyped buyer who finds that buying a less expensive pair of shoes a very unwanted act.
As a Muslim, what I've observed clearly in times of sustained faith that I gradually start to toss away many mentally automated segmenting process away. Yes, I admitted it I am stereotyped even though I am aware of the fact that I am! I have a fetish for looking my best and bear in my head many iconic images of the perfect looks that I probably derived from movies, posters, video clips, social reflections, etc. Yea, a lot of people may argue with what's wrong with looking your best? Well, it's not the case. It's the fact that how I sense that my feelings of security and belonging to socially favorable segments is utterly dependent on whether I wear my converse or my old Stan Smith to an outing or not. It's my problem now ha-Lol?-?

Islam is based upon a different premise that does not segment people according to their financial resources. It assures the provision of the ability to change to everybody. Rich people can give away certain amounts of money to poorer ones. However, those who are poor and are perceived as helpless from the eyes of many are granted the power to realize goodness and change through adding an emphasis on the primitive human capabilities that we take for granted. For example, how a simple smile in your brother's face is perceived to be an act of goodness or how a good word or a prayer to Allah can change a lot.
Islam provides foresight because, due to the ongoing battle to maintain goodness and mental and spiritual clarity, your confidence and sense of self-pride gets enhanced in an internal manner. You're carrying out the order of Allah that imply micro benefits which is acquiring self-poise, foresight, and confidence in this case. So, the hype that blurs you with what you already have may be perceived as dispensable. You gain a sense of importance with respect to priorities and how you should spend your money. It's a regulating and self-controlling set of tenets that gives life a whole new meaning.
 Also it gifts you foresight in terms of dealing with people As Allah revealed the true colors of many in the Qur'an. Contrary to the mainstream effect that got us to mistake many authoritative individuals with goodness and promising achievements! 

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