Saturday, December 17, 2011

Female Lower Back Tattoos

Lower Back Tattoo Designs
          have the ability to accentuate the shape of the female body and create the much desired hour glass effect. Many different styles can be adopted for Tribal, Star, Butterfly, Celtic, Dolphin and so many more. Many celebrities have these days. Sarah Michelle Gellar has a gorgeous pair of purple on her lower back. Pamela Anderson has been seen showing off her on her lower back. Anna Kournikova has a large Star Tattoo Design on her lower back. Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts have also joined the revolution.You don’t need to be rich and famous to get more attention, just compliment your natural beauty.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hot South Indian Aunty Photos

Hot South Indian Aunty Photos

Radhika Verma Hot Photoshoot

South Indian Actress Sonia Deepti Unseen Latest Photos

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Indian Fashion Girls Pictures

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Pakistan Fashion 2011 Winter

Fashion is the soul of Style. 2011 kicked off as a new decade in style and fashion industry and the Pakistani fashion 2011 trends were geared up by refreshing of the wardrobes of 2010 fashion styles. Pakistani fashion 2011 trends make you realise how you should never throw your old wardrobe away, as fashion always repeats itself.

Miss World 2011 Ivian Sarcos Gallery

Sarcos one of 13 children was up until now working for a local broadcasting company. However her future ambition is to work with NGO’s working with children. Sarcos has already set up her own foundation to help youngsters of her country.
Sarcos reigned supreme over 121 contestants including Miss India Kanishtha Dhankar, who failed to even make it into the top 20. Beauty contestants put up with harsh criticism for being just that, however in recent years this stereotypy is being broken.
Since almost all contestants are graduates and more than half are fluent in three or more languages. Despite harsh criticism in recent years as a glorified swimsuit pageant, a quarter of the ladies are graduates and more than half speak three or more languages.

Veena Malik Pakistani Model and Actress

Veena Malik was born on 26 February 1984. Veena Malik has one brother and five sisters. Two of her sistes are older than her and are married. One of elder sister is a lecturer in Abdur Qadeer College, Rawalpindi. Her brother is younger than her and is a law student. Two of her sisters are younger than her, one is studying M.B.A and the other is studying M.B.B.S.
If one is to forget her celebrity status for a moment and look at her educational background, then Veena turns out to be a bigger celebrity. Verena has always been a bright student in school. She always claimed top position in her class throughout her school life. She got third position in matriculation in D.G.Khan Board. She passed intermediate and did graduation from F.G College Rawalpindi. Like all brilliant students, Veena was active in extra curricular activities.