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Kentz acquires South African engineering services company RNE

The AIM quoted engineering and construction group, has acquired engineering services company RNE Engineering and Projects (Pty) Ltd from its founders and other shareholders for Rand 73m (approximately £6.2m) over four years. RNE undertakes project management, engineering and design services including process, mechanical, piping, civil and structural engineering for oil, gas and petrochemical process plants. It is involved in both capital expenditure projects and asset enhancement production services and has approximately 85 employees based in two offices in Secunda and Sasolburg, South Africa.
RNE has a successful track record as a leading supplier to Sasol and has worked with Kentz in South Africa for over three years. The partnership will support the growth of activity in South Africa as well as the opportunity to jointly tender for select engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts. Kentz said the acquisition was aligned with its strategy of growth through smaller, value enhancing opportunities to supplement its existing capabilities across the global footprint of the group. The acquisition will be earnings enhancing in the first full year of ownership.
Hugh O'Donnell, the chief executive of Kentz, said: “RNE has built an impressive market presence in the oil, gas, petrochemicals, metals and mining market sectors in South Africa. By bringing the experience of RNE together with Kentz’s presence in a broader number of sectors we are now well positioned to offer an expanded range of niche EPC solutions to a wider client base throughout Southern Africa. Our business is about people and we have a found a strong cultural fit with the RNE senior management team. We share the same values in delivering world class projects safely for our clients.”
In recent news, Kentz last month said it had been awarded an EPC contract worth in excess of US$30m by Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (GASCO). That followed news that the company was expecting that revenues and profits in the year to December 2010 would be well ahead of current market expectations.

Responsible Materials

WE DO NOT USE LARGE LEAF HONDURAN MAHOGANY ( Sweetenia macrophylla) Surewood products are made from Guarea Mahogany, a species whose harvest is strictly controlled by regulations put in place under the guidance of the World Wildlife Fund. Neither Guarea trichiloides, nor Guarea guidones are on the Endangered Species List. The production is controlled from the purchase of logs, through the sawing and drying process, lumber storage, fabrication, and shipping of the finished products. Surewood Door purchases raw materials from United States lumber suppliers and manufactures the Surewood products here, in the United States.

Surewood Door Construction

Surewood products are made to your design choice, whether doors, transoms, sidelights, or custom woodwork. Specialty items such as arches, special moldings, carvings, hand forged ironwork and decorative glass are all a part of what we provide.
Surewood offers both Impact and Non-Impact door certifications. All products are of stile and rail coped, assembled with lag bolts in lieu of dowels.
Each unit is meticulously manufactured and assembled in our Georgia facility, to ensure the weather stripping, thresholds, and closure hardware are working properly. Without this level of precision, the storm worthiness is greatly reduced. Strict adherence to the installation instructions is necessary in order to ensure the performance of the product and validity of the certification

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Assistant Signal Engineer jobs in Pakistan Railways Lahore

pakistan Railways
Headquarters office, lahore
situation Vacant
appointment of Railway officers on Contract Basis
1. Assistant Executive Engineer BPS-17
2. Assistant Signal Engineer BPS-17
3, Assistant Electrical Engineer BPS-17
4. Assistant Controller of Stores / Purchase BPS-17
4. Assistant Transportation officer / Assistant Commercial officer BS-17 ( only retired person eligible)
Domicile : Any district of pakistan
Assistant Signal Engineer jobs in Pakistan Railways Lahore

Navneet kaur is a Punjabi Girl

Navneet kaur is a Punjabi Girl

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Salma Wallpaper Hayek Wallpapers HD

With all due respect I never said Kashmir should be gifted to Pakistan. What I have said is for a UN supervised solution. And I did not change my mind on that. We have fought three major wars and spending crores to maintain the status quo but to what end. It just a pain in @$$.
I share you concerns about Hindu minority in Pakistan and other Islamic society. But to make it clear neither I am against Islam (Though I DO NOT support the present Islamic Leadership structure) nor I beleive that it is not even remotely possible to covert India into a Islamic Society. But one should be prepared just in case.
On the other hand , I do beleive that by declaring Pakistan a terrorist nation it will force them to take some drastic steps.  Gifting Kashmir will not solve anything. Now they want Kashmir, tomorrow they will want South India. Before long, we may all be converted to islam because Pakistan is an islamic republic not a secular democracy and the country is ruled by military dictators and hardliners.
Yes, in India, there have been attacks by Hindus on innocent muslims but imagine the plight of Hindus, if it had been a muslim majority and an islamic republic of india!
There are many good thinkers and hard-working folks in Pakistan but you can never trust the hardliners there and these hardliners seem to be grabbing power in the country all the time.
Did you know that the original demand for Pakistan 1947 was a long stretch of corridor stretching the north and the south and the east and the west, connecting different muslim dominated pockets together?
Which meant India was to be divided into 4 quadrants and to get from one quadrant to another, an Indian had to cross was simply ridiculous!!

Kimala Bennett, Guest Writer Registering your business

Kimala Bennett, Guest Writer
Here are a few 'don'ts' to look out for when registering your business or company.
If you follow these tips carefully you will reduce the chances of having your forms returned or rejected by the Companies Office of Jamaica.
1. Don't use different names and dates throughout the forms. Try to fill out all forms on the same day to avoid putting different dates in different sections of the document. When you are finished, triple check that you have written the same name and dates on all the documents
2. Don't use white-out on any of the forms. If you make an error, just draw a line through it; put your signature and the date beside your mistake. Don't make your corrections outside the box or line space provided.
3. Don't fill out any forms in red ink or pencil, make sure you fill out your forms with a blue or black ink pen.
4. Don't write outside of the lines or boxes provided on the forms
5. Don't attach additional information required on anything but letter-sized paper.
6. Don't submit a soiled or crushed document. Keep your documents unfolded in a safe dry place until you are ready to hand them in

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The Company Of Wolves Movie

What is the name of a werewolf film of the late 80s (early 90s maybe) where kids tear their skin? When I was younger, my cousins and I used to see a werewolf movie all the time but none of us today I can remember his name. What I can remember is a scene with a woman running with the wolves, in slow motion ... haha. And then another scene none of us can forget is inside a cabin in the woods where the characters are eating and then some of them begin to tear your skin off, I think that to become werewolves. Anyone have any ideas?
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What is the best gaming laptop company?

I'm looking for a gaming laptop around 600 dollars. I want to start off with the best company that makes gaming laptops.
Asus, but your not getting a gaming laptop for that much, i know of a netbook that will play GTA 4 for under your budget if you want to know it. but AlienWare is over priced, your paying for a brand (like a Mac but you still get windows).
You probably won't find a great gaming laptop around $600.
 However if you have hope, Dell/Alienware have great laptops and desktops made exactly for gaming.
 Again, $600 may not give you much.

Forward Looking Statements

What are your plans for the future?
What are your projections for the next quarter?
What do you expect to achieve (in the near future)?
What are your (sales) projections for next six months?
What are your goals for the coming year?
We expect . . .
We plan to . . .
We project . . .
We hope to . . .
We should . . .
We will be (V+ing) . . .
If all goes as planned,
Our projections are . . .
According to our projections,