Kimala Bennett, Guest Writer Registering your business

Kimala Bennett, Guest Writer
Here are a few 'don'ts' to look out for when registering your business or company.
If you follow these tips carefully you will reduce the chances of having your forms returned or rejected by the Companies Office of Jamaica.
1. Don't use different names and dates throughout the forms. Try to fill out all forms on the same day to avoid putting different dates in different sections of the document. When you are finished, triple check that you have written the same name and dates on all the documents
2. Don't use white-out on any of the forms. If you make an error, just draw a line through it; put your signature and the date beside your mistake. Don't make your corrections outside the box or line space provided.
3. Don't fill out any forms in red ink or pencil, make sure you fill out your forms with a blue or black ink pen.
4. Don't write outside of the lines or boxes provided on the forms
5. Don't attach additional information required on anything but letter-sized paper.
6. Don't submit a soiled or crushed document. Keep your documents unfolded in a safe dry place until you are ready to hand them in