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Habib Sugar Mills Limited Nawab Shah in History

Habib Sugar Mills Limited was incorporated as a Public Limited Company in 1962 with its Head Office in Karachi and its plant located at Nawabshah, 300 kilo-meters north east of Karachi.
The original machinery for the sugar division was supplied by M/s. B.M.A. of Germany and the process was Double Carbonation Double Sulphitation (D.C.D.S). The capacity of the plant at its inception was 1,500 tons of sugar-cane crushing per day. The mill commenced its production in January, 1964 and was the second sugar mill in the province of Sindh. Present capacity / capability of the mill is 7000 - 7500 tons of sugar-cane crushing per day. The capacity has been enhanced by balancing, modernization and replacements (B.M.R) as well as change in manufacturing process from Double Carbonation Double Sulphitation (D.C.D.S) to Defecation Remelt Carbonation Sulphitation (D.R.C.S.) also under B.M.R. during the last three and a half decades in various stages of implementation.
In the year 1967-68, a Distillery to produce industrial alcohol from molasses was added to the plant. The machinery / equipment for the distillery was supplied by M/s. Spechim Limited of France. This distillery division has over the period of time contributed handsomely to the profitability of the company, besides boosting its export.
In the year 1978-79, the management decided to diversify into other fields of manufacture and established a textile division at Karachi. The produce of the textile division is mainly exported.
The company also set-up a tank terminal in the Port area of Karachi for purposes of handling and storage of bulk liquid cargo such as molasses, edible oil and industrial alcohol.
The company has made steady growth over the period of time. As at April 2002, the capital base of the company has increased from its inception level of Rs. 12 million to Rs. 162 million as a result of issuance of bonus and right shares from time to time.
The company's performance during the past forty years has been satisfactory as is established by the trend of efficyiency, growth in earnings and financial stability. Hand-in-hand with the prosperity of the company, the shareholders have been correspondingly rewarded by a consistent policy of the Board of Directors towards payment of stock and cash dividends.
The company was awarded Trophy and Certificate of Merit by the Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited in 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1986 and 1990. Further the selection committee of International Gold Mercury Award selected Habib Sugar Mills Limited for awarding their International Award in 1982. The company was also conferred the award for the highest sucrose recovery throughout Pakistan by the Pakistan Society of Sugar Technologists in their 25th Annual Convention held in 1990.
The company has kept up its activities relating to improved production and quality of its products in response to the needs of the farmers in particular and the nation in general. The company's policy falls in line with the following directives of the Government:-
Duration of the crushing period be reduced as far as possible in the interest of farmers.
Extract maximum sucrose contents by crushing the available quantities of sugar-cane in more conducive climatic conditions.
Continue to improve the quality standards of its products.
Increase overall efficiency in operations so as to control wastage and optimize capacity utilization.
The satisfactory performance and the growth in turnover and profitability of the company is due to hard work and excellent efforts put in by the workers, staff members and full co-operation received from our sugar-cane farmers.
Pollution Free Environment at Nawabshah
The company continues to attach great importance to a pollution free environment and have installed fly ash removal system and slop treatment plant in its sugar and distillery divisions respectively, involving a capital outlay of approximately Rs. 60 million.
The fly ash removal system installed in the boilers of the mills has completely eliminated the spread of black soot particles. Similarly, the slop treatment plant has fully eradicated the unpleasant smell from the distillery. By the Grace of Allah, successful operation of these projects have ensured a pollution free environment for the citizens of Nawabshah.
A team of Sindh Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) visited the mills at Nawabshah in 1995 and lauded the efforts of the management in ensuring a pollution free environment.

  • Habib Motorcycles (Pvt.) Limited
Habib Motorcycles (Pvt.) Limited is the latest venture of the Habib Group of Companies within the engineering sector. The Group has collaborated with leading international automobile manufacturers to develop the HB 70 motorcycle for the Pakistani market. The HB 70 has been designed to give the rider a winning combination of power, efficiency, aesthetics and value for money.
The HB 70 motorcycle has been assembled with superior machinery from quality conscious vendors and has been approved by the Engineering Development Board (EDB) as well as the Pakistan Standard for Quality Control (PSQCA).
Habib motorcycles are backed with a company warranty of 6 months, or 6,000 km, depending on what comes first. Habib Motorcycles has also established an extensive country-wide sales and after-sales network to better serve customers. Specialized warranty 'Satellite' workshops that are fitted with ultra-modern tools and equipment and manned by thoroughly trained technicians have been set up at accessible locations all over the country.  Furthermore, the company offers preferred customers special service right at their door step, saving them the hassle of workshop visits.
Habib Motorcycles (Pvt.) Limited serves to provide 100% customer satisfaction through the provision of high quality, performance-oriented products, supplemented with thorough professional service.

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Saona Island or Isla Saona

The Saona is a tropical island located a short distance from the mainland on the south-east tip of the Dominican Republic, near La Romana Province. It is a government protected nature reserve and a popular destination for tourists from all over the Dominican Republic, thousands of people arrive in fleets of catamarans and small motorboats every day. The Island is famous for the natural beauty of its beaches, and has been used on many occasions by film-makers and advertisers looking for a stereotypical 'desert island' setting for their film or product. It is promoted amongst European visitors as the setting for the famous Bounty chocolate bar adverts.

The seas around the Island are rich in wildlife, with many species of birds and tropical marine fish, and there are large areas where natural sandbars offshore bring the depth to just a few feet. These are once again popular with the tourist trade, with small boats stopping hundreds of meters off the beach and disgorging tourists into the waist-deep shallows where they snorkel, drink and check            out the fields of starfish indigenous to the region.

History of Saona Island
The Island Saona was baptized "Saona" by Christopher Columbus, who discovered it in may 1494 on his way to the Americas. The name was meant to honor the commune of Savona, where Columbus lived at the time. Columbus named Michele da Cuneo, his friend and a savonese himself, first governor of the island. Saona Island and the modern city Savona, in Italy, still have twinning relationships; the small power plant in Saona Island is a gift of Savona.

Our tour to Saona Island Catamaran- Speedboats :

Colonial Tour and Travel: This is a excursion you have to do when staying in Punta Cana, La Romana, Bayahibe, Boca Chica, Juan Dolio or Santo Domingo. While the journey to the island can be an adventure that is part of the fun. Colonial Tour and Travel offer you this beautiful excursion. This is the chance of a lifetime. Picking you up form the hotels in Drive to the charming fishing village of Bayahibe, where we will board an Incredible Catamaran to the Saona Island. Spend the morning taking in the natural beauty is of this national park with its pristine white beaches and the marvel�ous clear Caribbean waters. Volleyball, meringue and salsa dancing, an open bar, will be followed by a fine barbecue/buffet lunch. After lunch we’ll head back to the mainland, with a stop for a swim in a natural swimming pool. Our Catamaran will bring you back to Bayahibe, where we’ll disembark and board our bus for Altos de Chavon, a perfect recreation of a 15th century Mediterranean village. Enjoy a relaxing to visit the impressive amphitheater, small church, art galleries, bou�tiques and a great view of Rio de Chavon.

Our bus picked us up at our resort, and grouped us by language. The boats were large and the ride was dry. The tour ran from 9 am - 5 pm, and the trip to the island was about an hour and a half via the scenic route. The island itself offered us plenty of lounge chairs on the beach, lots of souvenir shacks, and the most beautiful scenery. Lunch was served, but the choice was limited (especially if you don't like seafood). A bar was available for drinks, and the music was lively. They provided a volleyball area, if laying around or walking along the beach is too boring for you.

On the way back, they stop at the "natural pool". This is an area of the sea that is very shallow and warm (waist deep). They stop to allow you to swim, and take pictures of the star fish (lots of them around).

Photograph University of Sindh

Photograph University of Sindh organized hand-made Eid cards Exhibition
 HYDERABAD :- September Student taking keen interest in hand made card during five day exhibition of hand-made Eid cards organized by Institute of Art & Design University of Sindh at Jamshoro.
Student taking keen interest in hand made card during five day exhibition of hand-made Eid cards organized by Institute of Art & Design University of Sindh at Jamshoro.

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Pakistan Bast Girls Photo & So Much

Pakistani Desi Girl

Pakistan  verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Very Very  So Much Girl 

Pakistan Girl Photo

i dont know why the people are asking for pakistani aunty  on net? and the webmasters of different websites even different catagories are also writing articles on desi women, pakistani aunty, indian aunty and nri auties pictures and bla bla…
so i also recieve some requests of my reguler visitors to write some posts and add some pakistani, indian woman desi aunty pictures, so i am some pictures, and about pakistani auty and indian aunty…
in my gallery of the same domain, this desi women picture added from some weeks ago and this picture recieve hits many thousands and many comments…
the stats of this picture shows me that how many people, boys and men are looking for desi hot paki women and aunties pictures and wanna contect them for real life partner ship and long term relationship.

8 Reasons To Love Her Vibrator

I know, I know. No way will you allow her to bring home a huge, fake penis that swivels and vibrates to replace your best buddy. Just ain't gonna happen, Jack. Right?
And why would she even want one of those freaky machines when you've got the perfect solution for her body's most intimate needs? This is what many couples argue - that sex is the most natural of acts and should be kept that way: anything that needs batteries is definitely out of line. But then, why wash by hand when you can buy a washing machine? Why ride a horse when you can cruise in a Ferrari?
New inventions are all about convenience and pleasure, and the manufacturers know a market when they see one. When it comes to women's vibrators, boy do they have 20-20 vision. Sex toys are a billion dollar business - and for good reason.
Vibrators have been around for centuries, albeit in non-vibrating form. The first steam-operated vibe was invented by an American doctor in 1869 for the treatment of women suffering from 'hysteria' (emotional or mental disturbance due to sexual deprivation). And the treatment - I kid you not - entailed genital massage by the good doctor until sexual release occurred.
Then some kind soul invented the battery-operated vibe in 1890, which helped these doctors no end. Not surprisingly, this 'ailment' was the most common complaint among women in those times. That should tell you something about the efficacy of the treatment.
While the myth of hysteria was discredited in the 1950s, it took a few decades afterwards for women to wake up to what they've been missing and begin shopping for their own battery-run 'treatment'. For many, vibrators have been a personal orgasmic revelation and they've never looked back.
“But aren't I enough for her?” I hear you cry. “Why does she need a buzzing willy to get her aroused to orgasm, when she's got me?” Why does she, indeed? Now let's see… Masturbation. Porn. Strip joints. These are some of the external aids that guys use for sexual release. So what's wrong with her having a little prop or two of her own?
If you're still a doubting Thomas, here are eight hard-to-beat reasons why you should rethink your approach to vibrators for her:
1. Vibrators bring great pleasure to women. In waves. Again and again. And her pleasure (read: orgasms) should be important to you (unless you're a selfish git), so why would you want to deny her? It shouldn't matter how she reaches orgasm. She's still with you after all these years and keeps coming back for more, so stop being insecure.
2. A vibe can never replace you. Really. I mean, can it tell a joke? Can it give her a deep, intimate kiss? Can it hold her when she gets emotional after a multiple orgasm? Can it snuggle, or tell her how beautiful she is? (And if you have a powerful new vibe in the boudoir, you'd better sharpen these skills - fast.)
3. If she enjoys some good vibrations, it doesn't mean that you aren't pleasing her. You aren't some kind of massive failure if she introduces a vibe or other sex toys to your bedtime toy box. But they do add a lot more fun to the sexual mix, like beer at a braai or hot lingerie on a sexy body.
4. On those occasions that you're so excited that it's all over in a matter of seconds, when she glares at your spent appendage like she might cause it violent harm, you can quickly reach into the draw and pull out a vibe before she can say “Roger Rabbit”. As long as she gets to have an orgasm or two, she'll be blissful. And your pecker will be safe.
5. Vibes introduce variety. Which in the bedroom is always a good thing. I bet you've long since moved on from the missionary position of your early sexual forays - but how much fun would you be having if you hadn't? Precisely.
6. You'll be amazed at how much pleasure you can both get from a vibrator. Vibes aren't only a girl's best friend - they can do wonders for guys too. Pop a bit of lube on and explore your bodies together. Ask her to apply a gentle vibe to your scrotum, for instance, or your perineum. Bet you'll become the vibe's second biggest fan.
7. When it comes to inducing orgasms, vibes are quick, easy and get the job done. While a guy can take all of three minutes to climax, women often take 30 minutes. Or more. If she's tired or you're short of time, why not accept a little extra help?
8. And now for a purely selfish reason: you get to watch the action. Instead of skulking in the background like a wounded rhino, offer to take control of the vibe and pleasure her, leaving her free to enjoy the sensation while you explore all her sexiest bits. Then it becomes your own erotic show, and a prelude to your grand finale.

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Pakistan Air Force Career Opportunities

Singer Stefanie Heinzmann attends the '1Live Krone' music awards at the Jahrhunderthalle on December 2, 2010 in Bochum, Germany.

How I Made $86,000 Last Year From My Work at Home Jobs

$86,433.31 to be exact. 
I out earned my husband the chemical engineer. I out earned at least half of America and probably most of my neighbors. I did it in a bad economy. 
So how did I do it? 
I did it the old fashioned way: hard work.
Many people dream of work at home jobs. They imagine themselves sitting around in their bathroom tending to business every so often while settling in for cup of tea on a cold winter day. Either that or they imagine people lie to them. Real online jobs can't possibly exist. 
Both images contain some truth and some not so true. I actually work in my bathrobe but only in winter and because I hate the cold. Legitimate online jobs do indeed exist. The problem with the popular image is the belief that such jobs are necessarily any easier than other kinds of jobs. 
If you want find a job that lets you work at home in your pyjamas you have to follow some common sense rules.
The first and most important rule is to always remember that a work at home job is still a job. You will probably need to answer to a supervisor. You will need to fill out applications, possibly write a resume and cover letter and very often complete a timecard. Legitimate online jobs are work. Work requires you to complete certain tasks in return for money. 
Most real online jobs fall into one of two categories: an hourly wage and a business. Jobs in the former category are often just like any other jobs. Jobs involving the creation of business are more like owning your own business. 
If you are looking for home based online jobs, you will need to follow the sort of steps that you follow when looking for any other jobs. Your first steps should always be to think about the kind of skills and education that you already have. Focus on what you can bring to the job. For example if you have degree in education, investigate online jobs relating to the education field. Many companies offer online tutoring. Online colleges and universities look for employees to fill online adjunct faculty positions. 
Part Time Work at Home Jobs
If you haven't been in the workforce for a few years because of child rearing duties or a layoff, look for jobs that accept entry level applicants for basic tasks. Companies hire people to answer the phone at home. They hire people to perform internet searches, assist excutives with basic support tasks and review websites. 
If you can navigate the web, you probably already have the skills employers are seeking. 
Many companies hire people on a part-time basis for real work at home jobs. As a result you may have to settle for part-time employment. I work for four different companies. Some weeks I work ten hours a day for seven days straight. Other weeks I may only work a day or two. This is not atypical in the work at home job world. Employers expect flexibility. You should be able to provide it. 
Another way of finding a work at home job is to start your own business. I have written articles that earn me money online each day. Starting your own business should really start with a close investigation of your skills and hobbies. If you like to knit you can market your knitwear online via online auction sites. If you collect glassware, use that knowledge to buy and sell items online and even open up your own online store. 
Two additional rules should govern your behavior if you want to duplicate my success and earn a good salary from work at home jobs. The first is the need for rearch and persistence. Some work at home jobs are not work at home jobs but scams. Read the job requirements very carefully. If someone's offering $300 an hour that's probably not going to be true. A good way to find out if a job is real is to do some research and ask questions via online job forums. Many forum posters will often chime in with their own experience. 
Persistence is also a must. You must send out multiple resumes and cover letters. Find out something about the company. I found one of my work at home projects by making over twelve phone calls. I finally learned who was in charge of the project and sent them a cover letter and resume outlining my qualifications. A week later I was interviewed and hired for the job. If one job isn't going to work out the next might. Devote at least two hours a day to any online job hunt. 
Another equally important rule when it comes to searching for real work at home jobs is to not sell yourself short. If you have a master's degree in education, you should be able to command decent wages for it. Settle for a lower paying immediately if you need the cash but look for other paying opportunities. Work at home jobs save employers money by allowing them avoid paying for office costs. Let them pass that reduced cost on to you in the form of higher wages. 
Real online jobs exist. Use a few tricks, a bit of common sense and you, too, could be sitting at home earning money next to a loudly purring cat.

Work Home Jobs Online Tutoring Jobs

Education To Go (ed2go) provides online courses to a network of over 1,500 colleges, universities, and other training organizations - from the State Universities of New York to the California State University system, and everywhere in between.
ed2go is currently seeking courses in programming, computer applications, allied health, languages, writing, law/criminal justice, workforce development/career skills, small business, business certification, certification prep and continuing education for teachers.
Earnings will depend on the number of courses you teach and how many students enroll every month. Checks are mailed once a month.

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Rate Are Increasing Rapidly In India

Number of girl smokers in India are increasing rapidly. In 2005, only 1.5% Indian girls smoking cigarette , bidi. But In 2009, current India has more than 2 crore Girl Smoker( Almost 4% girl smoker in India) . Smoking rate among girls are more in Bangalore,Pune,Delhi,Mumbai than Kolkata,Assam,Kanpur,Punjab
In a study, it revealed that todays Office working girls smoke more than homely girls. In Bangalore,Pune,Delhi,Mumbai many office working girls stay alone or share flat & often stay away from parents. So from the work pressure & loneliness, girls start smoking .Office working girl enjoy the smoking cigarette with tea Study also revealed that many girl smoker enjoy the smoking & regular smoke 2-3 packet of cigarette.Smoking also now a status symbol for young girls. In the extreme village part of India, poor girls enjoy the puff of Bidi
WHO warned that increasing rate of girl smoking create problem in pregnancy & children death rate will be increased.Girl smoker will be more affected in Cancer.Also Indian girl smoker burns out 100 crore everyday.

Earn RS.40000 monthly from Internet

One of the Greatest Earning Opportunity for Home workers, Part time jobbers, Net Surfers, Network Marketers to earn Extra Money from the comfort of your home. Are you looking for a home job opportunity that you can do from your Home ? Do you want to earn extra income by working in spare time ? Do you have little Internet knowledge ? Do you want to earn money for free ? Do you want to get paid daily? If 

your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Process Emails on the net and earn high income from home. Work without leaving your present job. Work Part Time only, no need to work full time. Work from Home or Office. Work in your spare time. Enjoy Personal Freedom and Financial Independence. We are offering Home based Internet job work opportunity to everyone those who want to earn extra income in their spare time using their computer and internet knowledge.

Risk of an Interest-Only Mortgage

There are several different types of interest-only mortgages. The features of the loans vary but essentially all of the loans begin with a period of time during which the borrower does not have to make principal payments. These low payments appeal to investors or people planning on owning properties for a short period of time. However many homeowners with interest-only mortgages run into difficulties when the rate changes or the home's value changes.

  1. Types of Interest-Only Loans

    • Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM) have interest rates that adjust after a month, a year or after a period of several years. Many ARMs also begin with an interest-only period that last for between one and 10 years. After the interest-only phase, the borrower can either payoff the principal or allow it to amortize over the remainder of the 30-year term. Home equity lines of credit (HELOC) are revolving credit mortgage products that work like credit cards with interest only payments but unlike credit cards, HELOCs use residential property as collateral.

    Effect of Recession

    • During a severe recession, high unemployment often leads to reduced tax revenue and government deficits. Foreclosures stemming from unemployment can cause house prices to fall. The government raises funds to cover the shortfall by selling bonds. Investors demand higher than normal interest rates on the bonds because of the risk of lending to a government feeling the strain of a recession. ARM interest rates are based on government bond rates so ARM rates often rise during recession. However, due to falling house prices, people with interest-only ARMs lack the equity to refinance into a fixed-rate loan. They must contend with the rising payments or risk foreclosure.

    Effects of a Boom

    • The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee uses the federal funds rate to set the benchmark for interbank borrowing. When the economy experiences a boom it often leads to rapid inflation. To stem inflation, the FOMC raises the federal funds rate and in turn banks raise the prime rate that always remains 3 percent above the federal funds rate. HELOCs are tied to the prime rate and most have rate limits close to 20 percent, so monthly payments can rise drastically during a booming economy.

    Balloon Payments

    • Some interest-only mortgages end with a balloon payment at the end of a five- or 10-year initial interest-only term. Some people attempt to use the money they are not paying towards principal during the initial term to invest in the stock market. Theoretically a stock market boom could allow them to cash in their investments after the interest-only term and payoff the balloon and have surplus funds. However, one major political or economic event could cause the stock market to drop and leave the homeowner with no funds and a balloon they cannot afford to pay.

How to Find A Job

 Step 1
There are many ways to find a job. The internet has become one of the tools necessary to help you find a job. There is however the good old fashion way of going to a place and applying.
Stop 2
Try looking at websites such as and other job related sites. These sites have thousands of job.
       Step 3
Another great site out there believe it or not to find a job is Craigslist.com. People are posting jobs there like crazy and some of them are actually decent paying jobs. It is definitely worth a shot.
      Step 4
Now back to the good old fashioned way if the internet fails you. Buy a couple Especially the Sunday papers. These always have joblistings available. Do not be afraid to a couple places at one.
     Step 5
Go explore if all else fails. Look for signs and walk on in. You would be surprised what this can get you. That is how I got my second job. Walked in asked if they were hiring and 5 minutes later a job is mine.
Step 6Good luck and happy job

Build your own home office using these contemporary design elements and theme ideas

The contemporary home office space is a functional and fashionable design theme that conjures up visions of sleek lines, simple furniture and cluttered bookshelves. Its one of the most used design themes in office spaces, simply because this style is sold the most in office supply stores.
One of the most commonly used colors when designing a contemporary home office, white can also be more than just a blank color. It comes in a ton of varying shades, so you’re sure to pick out a shade of white that’s right for your home office.
White also plays well with light, and its use for office space is a perfect match. Directional and task lighting solutions work best with white, as they reflect light in all directions, helping to illuminate the whole space even when it’s pointed at the work.
The perfect compliment to a white walled office, red furniture, paintings, lamps and even flowers all bring a touch of color into the contemporary home office space. Red can be a dominating distraction if it’s not well played in a room. Use it sparingly and it will pop out just enough to not be overbearing yet vibrant.
Red can also be toned down by using red earthy tones. It also quiets its noisy voice when placed onto fabric. The more depth and texture red has the less in your face it tends to be. Heavy shag carpets, plush, oversized couches and wooly red pillows all make for a break from the classic ideas of contemporary office space.
While red is singled out for contemporary office design, it’s not the Holy Grail. Other bright colors like yellow, orange, green and blue all compliment the contemporary office design. 
Another feature of the contemporary office space, metal is often used in furniture and lighting/lamps. Chrome is typically the most common, but black powder coated aluminum and other colored metals are used as well.
Polished aluminum or chrome plating is often a big draw for furniture, especially office chairs when designing a contemporary office space. When your looking for an office chair, keep in mind you want a comfortable chair. Many metal chairs have minimal comfort versus mega fashion.

The Office Leasing Process office work

1.  Determine Your Ideal Office Space. Have you dreamed of your new office space and what it would look like?  Over the phone we will discuss what your perfect office space would look like. Together we will determine your ideal size, configuration, location, building quality, parking needs, budget and future growth projections.
2.  We Locate the Best Real Estate Options. We will generate a custom market survey within 24 hours including pictures, addresses, rates and floor plans.  You can start your own office space search on our site right now!
3.  Tour Office Space. Together we will consider the best real estate options and choose the most desirable properties — with a target of 5-10 buildings. We will do all the legwork and set up an office space tour for you to see the spaces in person. We will be your consultant on the tour, asking the questions you need answers to: What is the parking ratio? How much is after hours A/C? What are the building hours of operation?
4.  Request Lease Proposals. After we identify the best office space, we will work with you to draft an offer to lease. This will help tailor the final lease to your ideal financial requirements and growth expectations to your new real estate.
5.  Finalize the Offer to Lease. After you have agreed to and signed the offer to lease, the landlord will produce the first draft of the lease for your review. We strongly encourage you to use an attorney to sift through the legal terminology.  It is important to coach your lawyer to work with the landlord to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.  The lease document will be the basis of your relationship with the landlord for years to come.  If you need help finding a lawyer we may recommend the services of a copy we work with closely.
6.  Prepare to Occupy. With a lease signed and finalized, we will need to approve the final build-out plan for construction, choose paint and carpet, schedule movers, install wiring and purchase furniture. We will save you time by recommending the most professional vendors for your office space needs. It is a good idea to put these steps into motion while you are finalizing the contract to make sure you can move in on schedule.

Nissan's New Mobile Office Just Perfect for TreeHuggers

Fixed offices are so 20th century when TreeHuggers have to be everywhere at once. That is why we so happy about the new Nissan NV200, which combines storage and usable interior space by pulling the interior out like a drawer when stopped, so that it is efficient and small while travelling, but gets good access to tools and great interior space when stopped. Instead of having to go back to the office to do our post, we can do it right on site, saving lots of time and fuel. Here it is set up for one of our famous underwater shoots, with all the camera and scuba gear at the ready.
Nissan calls it "A Smart Business Tool of New Generation - for Active Professionals."
We think those two screens and comfy chair will make us so productive, without any wasted space, to follow the news wherever it is. Of course, we have ordered a hybrid with hemp upholstery and bioplastic body panels to be TreeHugger correct. Thank you Graham!
* A substantial, rugged-looking exterior, combining a dramatic front cab with a traditional box-like storage space, creates an emotional looking body form never before seen in the LCV class.
* An interior created to combine efficiency and a human touch, mentally refreshing its occupants when traveling to or from a job site. The customizable cargo area houses a unique pod that can smartly accommodate a variety of business needs. The pod is divided into customizable trays and boxes for efficient storage of profession-specific equipment, materials, work gear and apparel.
* The displayed NV200 has been outfitted specifically for use by a professional ocean photographer. The work area is equipped with a remote control panel for a spider camera, as well as equipment for organizing and editing photographs and images while on assignment.

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John Deere Tractor Very Bast

I like tractors and enjoyed visiting the John Deere Visitors Center in Moline Illinois on Tuesday, as well as seeing all the antique tractors at the Iowa State Fair yesterday.   I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the John Deere put put  as the owners proudly started their tractors.
Here's the John Deere tractor song especially dedicated to my friend John Zimmerman.

We also visited the Amana Colonies in eastern Iowa and, interestingly, this is my favorite photo!  We don't know the story behind the sunken tractor, but it appears the driver got stuck one day and decided he was done with farming.  Amana Colonies is a nice little German village with an interesting history. There are several quaint shops and eateries as you walk along the very clean and nicely manicured yards.

The Iowa State Fair is huge and beautiful, certainly the pride of the state of Iowa.  They have colorful flowers like this all through the fair grounds so Brooksyne studied the quiet flower arrangements while I listened to the noisy tractors.

Most Decadent, High-Tech Lawn Mowers (You Can Buy)

Lawnmowers have come a long way since Edwin Budding invented the first real alternative to the scythe in 1827. His mower featured a cylinder with a series of blades attached to cut grass as the mower was pushed. His design still closely resembles that of classic reel mowers today, but it is worlds away from the lawn tractors that currently populate the market. Today’s high-end mowers can boast a third the horsepower of a small car, cruise at 15 mph and come with more bells and whistles than a small yacht. Forget having the best lawn on the block. Buy one of these tractors and you’ll make the neighbors jealous every time you go out to give a trim. 

Tank S by Cub Cad


Price: $14,000 to $15,000 
If you’re willing to spend a large chunk of change on a top driving lawnmower, look no further than the Tank S. This zero-turn mower with steering-wheel control has twin cylinder engines and hydraulic power steering. It can mow up to 7.5 acres per hour, and the most powerful Tank S model has a 37-hp engine. As an additional purchase, you can buy an enclosed cab, which means mowing in every kind of weather. The Tank S also has a gel suspension seat, padded armrests and a super-size cup holder and sunshades. It also comes with “smart jet deck wash,” which enables the operator to wash the rider by simply inserting a garden hose into a hole in the deck. 


Turf Tiger by Scag

Price: $10,000 to $13,000 
Though the Turf Tiger is slower than the other mowers­—not quite reaching the 15-mph standard found on this list—it has a suspension seat with cushioned armrests, a convenient cup holder and a digital meter to display maintenance reminders. The Tiger has some pretty snazzy add-ons, including 12-inch chrome wheel covers, which are made of durable plastic and feature the Scag logo in chrome; a halogen light kit, which enables mowing in the dark; and a lawn striping system.