Build your own home office using these contemporary design elements and theme ideas

The contemporary home office space is a functional and fashionable design theme that conjures up visions of sleek lines, simple furniture and cluttered bookshelves. Its one of the most used design themes in office spaces, simply because this style is sold the most in office supply stores.
One of the most commonly used colors when designing a contemporary home office, white can also be more than just a blank color. It comes in a ton of varying shades, so you’re sure to pick out a shade of white that’s right for your home office.
White also plays well with light, and its use for office space is a perfect match. Directional and task lighting solutions work best with white, as they reflect light in all directions, helping to illuminate the whole space even when it’s pointed at the work.
The perfect compliment to a white walled office, red furniture, paintings, lamps and even flowers all bring a touch of color into the contemporary home office space. Red can be a dominating distraction if it’s not well played in a room. Use it sparingly and it will pop out just enough to not be overbearing yet vibrant.
Red can also be toned down by using red earthy tones. It also quiets its noisy voice when placed onto fabric. The more depth and texture red has the less in your face it tends to be. Heavy shag carpets, plush, oversized couches and wooly red pillows all make for a break from the classic ideas of contemporary office space.
While red is singled out for contemporary office design, it’s not the Holy Grail. Other bright colors like yellow, orange, green and blue all compliment the contemporary office design. 
Another feature of the contemporary office space, metal is often used in furniture and lighting/lamps. Chrome is typically the most common, but black powder coated aluminum and other colored metals are used as well.
Polished aluminum or chrome plating is often a big draw for furniture, especially office chairs when designing a contemporary office space. When your looking for an office chair, keep in mind you want a comfortable chair. Many metal chairs have minimal comfort versus mega fashion.

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