Thursday, March 24, 2011

How I Made $86,000 Last Year From My Work at Home Jobs

$86,433.31 to be exact. 
I out earned my husband the chemical engineer. I out earned at least half of America and probably most of my neighbors. I did it in a bad economy. 
So how did I do it? 
I did it the old fashioned way: hard work.
Many people dream of work at home jobs. They imagine themselves sitting around in their bathroom tending to business every so often while settling in for cup of tea on a cold winter day. Either that or they imagine people lie to them. Real online jobs can't possibly exist. 
Both images contain some truth and some not so true. I actually work in my bathrobe but only in winter and because I hate the cold. Legitimate online jobs do indeed exist. The problem with the popular image is the belief that such jobs are necessarily any easier than other kinds of jobs. 
If you want find a job that lets you work at home in your pyjamas you have to follow some common sense rules.
The first and most important rule is to always remember that a work at home job is still a job. You will probably need to answer to a supervisor. You will need to fill out applications, possibly write a resume and cover letter and very often complete a timecard. Legitimate online jobs are work. Work requires you to complete certain tasks in return for money. 
Most real online jobs fall into one of two categories: an hourly wage and a business. Jobs in the former category are often just like any other jobs. Jobs involving the creation of business are more like owning your own business. 
If you are looking for home based online jobs, you will need to follow the sort of steps that you follow when looking for any other jobs. Your first steps should always be to think about the kind of skills and education that you already have. Focus on what you can bring to the job. For example if you have degree in education, investigate online jobs relating to the education field. Many companies offer online tutoring. Online colleges and universities look for employees to fill online adjunct faculty positions. 
Part Time Work at Home Jobs
If you haven't been in the workforce for a few years because of child rearing duties or a layoff, look for jobs that accept entry level applicants for basic tasks. Companies hire people to answer the phone at home. They hire people to perform internet searches, assist excutives with basic support tasks and review websites. 
If you can navigate the web, you probably already have the skills employers are seeking. 
Many companies hire people on a part-time basis for real work at home jobs. As a result you may have to settle for part-time employment. I work for four different companies. Some weeks I work ten hours a day for seven days straight. Other weeks I may only work a day or two. This is not atypical in the work at home job world. Employers expect flexibility. You should be able to provide it. 
Another way of finding a work at home job is to start your own business. I have written articles that earn me money online each day. Starting your own business should really start with a close investigation of your skills and hobbies. If you like to knit you can market your knitwear online via online auction sites. If you collect glassware, use that knowledge to buy and sell items online and even open up your own online store. 
Two additional rules should govern your behavior if you want to duplicate my success and earn a good salary from work at home jobs. The first is the need for rearch and persistence. Some work at home jobs are not work at home jobs but scams. Read the job requirements very carefully. If someone's offering $300 an hour that's probably not going to be true. A good way to find out if a job is real is to do some research and ask questions via online job forums. Many forum posters will often chime in with their own experience. 
Persistence is also a must. You must send out multiple resumes and cover letters. Find out something about the company. I found one of my work at home projects by making over twelve phone calls. I finally learned who was in charge of the project and sent them a cover letter and resume outlining my qualifications. A week later I was interviewed and hired for the job. If one job isn't going to work out the next might. Devote at least two hours a day to any online job hunt. 
Another equally important rule when it comes to searching for real work at home jobs is to not sell yourself short. If you have a master's degree in education, you should be able to command decent wages for it. Settle for a lower paying immediately if you need the cash but look for other paying opportunities. Work at home jobs save employers money by allowing them avoid paying for office costs. Let them pass that reduced cost on to you in the form of higher wages. 
Real online jobs exist. Use a few tricks, a bit of common sense and you, too, could be sitting at home earning money next to a loudly purring cat.

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