Disney Zombie Costumes

At first I was in denial that 2D animation was dead thanks to the popularity of computer animated movies. But now it looks like even our favorite classic Disney characters have given up the fight and turned into flesh eating zombies.

Creepy McDonalds Uniform

Here is the cousin Ronald McDonald is afraid to talk about. This should be the uniform McDonald's employees have to wear during the month of October. I can picture him saying "Would you like a Happy Meal with that?"
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Red Riding Hood Costume

Here is a nice twist for the classic fairy tale. I guess this time Red Riding Hood could take care of the Big Bad Wolf all by herself.

Zombie Gumby Costume

A zombie Gumby costume has to go down as one of the creepiest Halloween costumes I've seen. Even though Gumby is made out of clay or gum and has no bone structure.

I'm sure his side kick Pokey was the first to be attacked. He was probably a little chewy.

Cookie Monster Hunter Costume

Since Cookie Monsters are in low supply you should ethically not waste any part of them. I wonder how PETA would feel about this Halloween costume. Bring on the red paint! 
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