Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Office Leasing Process office work

1.  Determine Your Ideal Office Space. Have you dreamed of your new office space and what it would look like?  Over the phone we will discuss what your perfect office space would look like. Together we will determine your ideal size, configuration, location, building quality, parking needs, budget and future growth projections.
2.  We Locate the Best Real Estate Options. We will generate a custom market survey within 24 hours including pictures, addresses, rates and floor plans.  You can start your own office space search on our site right now!
3.  Tour Office Space. Together we will consider the best real estate options and choose the most desirable properties — with a target of 5-10 buildings. We will do all the legwork and set up an office space tour for you to see the spaces in person. We will be your consultant on the tour, asking the questions you need answers to: What is the parking ratio? How much is after hours A/C? What are the building hours of operation?
4.  Request Lease Proposals. After we identify the best office space, we will work with you to draft an offer to lease. This will help tailor the final lease to your ideal financial requirements and growth expectations to your new real estate.
5.  Finalize the Offer to Lease. After you have agreed to and signed the offer to lease, the landlord will produce the first draft of the lease for your review. We strongly encourage you to use an attorney to sift through the legal terminology.  It is important to coach your lawyer to work with the landlord to come to a mutually beneficial agreement.  The lease document will be the basis of your relationship with the landlord for years to come.  If you need help finding a lawyer we may recommend the services of a copy we work with closely.
6.  Prepare to Occupy. With a lease signed and finalized, we will need to approve the final build-out plan for construction, choose paint and carpet, schedule movers, install wiring and purchase furniture. We will save you time by recommending the most professional vendors for your office space needs. It is a good idea to put these steps into motion while you are finalizing the contract to make sure you can move in on schedule.

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