Pakistani Lollywood Punjabi Actress Nargis New Hot Photos-Pictures, Punjabi Stage Dancer-Model Nargis Biography-History-Wallpapers

Nargis is a Pakistani Lollywood actress and a popular stage dancer who born at Cheechawatni in 1976 and her real name is Ghazallah who’s meaning is “a female deer”. She has rolled in many Punjabi films, theater dramas and mujras. She had played leading role in many movies like Aalmi Ghunde by Idrees Khan, Kurri Munda Razi and Kala Raj and she appeared as solo star.
Nargis has been visible in stage plays and theater musicalsin Lahore, Multan and other big cities of Pakistan regularly. Her sister Dedaar is also a famous dancer and appears in stage dramas.
This famous Pakistani Actress recently lives in Canada with her husband Zubair Shah and one beloved son Murtaza Ali and cute daughter named Masooma. She has a beauty parlor/salon in Markham on Canada.
This popular stage actress is 5.”6” a tall Punjabi actressand her last successful movie is “Soha Jorra” rolled with famous lollywood actor Shan in 2009.
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