Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ayesha student in history at the University of Lucknow

Ayesha student in history at the University of Lucknow. Ayesha send your photo by e-mail. Ayesha said that her favorite subject is history and is looking through his favorite subject. This girl from Lucknow says he feels very proud to be a citizen of Lucknow. Ayesha Lucknow says little about their city known as the city of Nawabs. Located in the most populous city of India, Uttar Pradesh. This city is booming economically. As proof, not one of the fastest growing of 10 major cities in the world. The city is proud of its monuments, a unique exhibition of the evolution of different architectural projects. These include the Asafi Imambara, where you can find the famous maze, Chota Imambara, Najaf Shah, Rsidency, St. Joseph Cathedral, the Clock Tower, Charbagh railway station, and some of the oldest buildings of the school as La Martiniere Lucknow, Lucknow and Loreto Convent School Taluqdar Colvin.
Ayesha also belongs to a family of Nawab. She says there are many attractive places in Lucknow. Particularly Asafi Imambara also known as the Bara Imambara. This site, along with two others, Najaf Shah and Chota Imambara, is considered as several architectural monuments of the city. The feature serves Asafi Imambara bhulaiya Bhul widely known or labyrinth. Other interesting places are Chatto Manzil, Lucknow Zoo, Photo Gallery and State Museum in conjunction with the Dilkusha, Planetarium, Shaheed Smarak, Ram Krishna Math and Baradari. Well folks, like many other girls Ayesha also like to do some on-line and related sincere.

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