Shomaila Girl From Peshawar Is a Teacher

Education is considered the most respectable profession for women in Pakistan. Education is increasingly difficult as the work in schools and specialized colleges. Apart from the fact that in this Internet age, where every student can obtain information easily through the Internet, not to deny the importance of teachers. The need to train teachers, but with more advanced skills and must learn to teach students by using modern techniques.
Shomaila is a Pakistani girl in primary school teacher. She said she attends seminars and courses to advance knowledge in enlightened education.
Pakistani girl to protect the right to education
Pakistan’s daughter was disappointed with the elimination of school in the Waziristan region. “The Bent nihilistic Taliban in the country to take back to the Stone Age, wailing” Shazia Orakzai Peshawar. “Barbarian was not interested, even for mothers and daughters. Not for the womb that gave birth to them.” The children on the ground in the Indus watched in horror as the country slowly falling prey to the terrorist ideology of old-fashioned. “We must do something, it can not be directly and twiddle our thumbs,” said Maria Maqbool, a fourth grade teacher from Lahore.
The whole pakistan is very angry at the rejection of women education in tribal areas. Although closed schools across the country, women bear the burden of tribal areas under the rule of the Taliban terror government. Taliban have been known to beat the schools and even killed female teachers. “We decided to fight oppression and brutality continue our lives, writes” Sarah Khan of Bannu, near the town directly in Waziristan.
A lot will depend on the success of the Pakistani army in Waziristan. With the destruction of the Taliban in Fata fort, the people (especially women) in the region is a sign of respiratory assistance. Educating women in developing countries to fight against poverty, but much remains to be done in Pakistan, where most women still can not read and write.

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