Bahrain protests - advice for British nationals

We advise against all but essential travel to the Kingdom of Bahrain.
In light of recent developments, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has changed its travel advice to advise against all but essential travel to the Kingdom of Bahrain.
We have also advised British nationals currently in Bahrain to monitor the media, to limit travel around the island to essential journeys only, and not to go out when demonstrations are taking place. If travelling, they should maintain a high level of security awareness, particularly in public places and on major highways, and avoid large gatherings, crowds, and demonstrations.
As the risk of further demonstrations and sporadic outbreaks of violence remains high, we advise all UK nationals to maintain a high level of security awareness particularly in public places and on major highways; and to avoid large gatherings, crowds and demonstrations. The airport remains open and transiting through the airport is unaffected by this advice.
We have taken this decision in response to reports of live fire in the capital Manama today. The United Kingdom is alarmed by reports of soldiers firing on protestors in Bahrain. This is an extremely worrying development.
The circumstances of what happened are not yet clear, but we call on the Bahrain authorities to avoid violence and the use of excessive force and to exercise restraint. The right to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly must be respected. The Bahraini Government should move quickly to carry out its commitments to transparent investigations into recent events and any alleged human rights abuses.
We welcome the proposal of the King of Bahrain that the Crown Prince should initiate a dialogue between the different communities. Bahrain should take further steps on reforms that meet legitimate aspirations for greater social and political freedoms.
The Embassy in Bahrain is located in central Manama, and will be open from Sunday 20 February onwards, offering restricted essential Consular, Press and Commercial services only, until further notice. If you intend to visit the Embassy for essential business, please call first to ensure it appears safe to do so on 1757 4100.
For all other enquiries to do with the situation in Bahrain please continue to call 17574151 in Bahrain, or 0207 008 1500 in the UK.
We recommend you register with the British Embassy in Manama via LOCATE. To do this visit - or ask family in the UK to do so for you. Where the internet is working, we will attempt to contact those registered by email. We will also be updating messages on the British Embassy Bahrain website:
British nationals requiring assistance or advice can call the Foreign Office on 020 7008 1500 from the UK or 17574151 from Bahrain.