ZONG Internet USB Card. Rs.10,000 + 400 Per Month.

Zong has unveiled wireless broadband for computers via a USB device with a special Internet (data) enabled SIM in it. It is not cheap. The one time cost of the USB modem is Rs. 10K (zong insists on calling it Rs. 9,999) and the monthly charge is Rs.400 for unlimited downloads. The real questions are: is the speed really as high as Zong claims and if the user experience for surfing the web is up to the mark. Lets keep an eye on the service quality.

According to the Zong web site:

The ZONG Internet USB Card is a device (with a SIM inside it) which can be inserted in your laptop/desktop PC (in the USB Slot) to provide you with access to the internet. It works on the EDGE/GPRS network and gives you wireless Internet connectivity, anytime anywhere!

I hope that this offer helps improve the broadband experience and adoption in Pakistan. Yes, there are going to be some people who will argue EDGE is not real s broadband but lets take what we have and make the best of it till 3G is introduced. By the way, the EVDO by Wordlcall also uses USB modem – though the technology is very different and it is only in Karachi as of now. Zong’s USB works anywhere Zong has coverage.

Some will find it nteresting to compare Zong’s product offer with Telenor’s ‘Internet Anywhere’ campaign. The Telenor USB modem uses EDGE network and has received good customer feedback regarding speed and performance. Telenor offer is based on one-time cost t for the modem (Rs.12,700 as of this writing) and data cost depends on usage. Always best to confirm these things directly with the provider!

One nice features about Zong’s offer is that you can access and edit your phonebook contacts, present on the SIM in the device. The Zong site explains that all the software settings are built into the device and it is quite easy to install and use. Be careful, Zong will not be responsible if you mess up something while trying to hack the SIM in the USB modem.

You can simply plug & play the ZONG Internet USB Card in your laptop/desktop PC (in the USB slot).
The Operating System automatically detects and recognizes the new hardware when the Card is connected and starts the automatic installation wizard for ZONG Mobile Partner provided within the card. You just need to follow the prompts of the installation wizard.

After the program is installed, the shortcut icon of the management program is displayed on the desktop. Every time you connect ZONG Internet USB Card to your Desktop PC/Laptop, ZONG Mobile Partner is launched automatically. You can also double click the shortcut icon on the desktop to launch ZONG Mobile Partner program.

The optimum settings for the device and network are already built-in into the device and any alteration may lead to device software malfunction/alteration, rendering the device as out of warranty therefore please do not fumble with the settings. Also, do not take out the installed SIM card from your device as this may render the device as non-functional and out of warranty.