Jawaria, a student of industrial technology GC University Lahore. University of Lahore

Jawaria, a student of industrial technology Pew GC University Lahore. University of Lahore, GC is one of the participants in the university public education, located in the Mall, Lahore, Pakistan. Although the campus center designated by the Government of Pakistan in 2002, was preserved on the floor in the name of universities, due to historical reasons, and also because of the full recognition of the name of the Government College in Pakistan. Jawaria says it is very difficult nature and his friends loved it. Never stopped when he began to speak.
Arsitektur Jawaria famous in Pakistan, but the Pew study industrial technology. He said, and stick with that friend, and a visit to Bagh-e-Jinah (also known as Lawrence Park) last Saturday Gardening is a hobby for him, and he is very happy and want to enjoy this experience. Jawaria says we do not want in the gardens of houses, but then I found that this is not possible, because you live in an apartment? This creates a simple mini-gardens. Defend them is a different story. Creative small garden, carefully check the time and attention to defense. Menginformasikan that watered the garden every day, and pull weeds that between now and then. You need to feed the plants on my once every Wednesday
Jawaria here is education, which qualified friends on the Internet. If you believe that you have the ability to just add a comment.

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