Thursday, June 30, 2011

Girls Hostel tales

NAAC, National Assessment and Accreditation Council, can have mountain moving effects on an institution. I wish NAAC visited every year!! The S.N.D.T. Women’s university hostel is in the worst of its conditions and has been this way for years. The paint pealing off the wall for years and the worn out plaster existing for the past sixteen years without any change and the broken window panes and the huge cracks in the ceiling would get mended.
Pigeons taking shelter in the hostel and the university building; the entire filthy scene due to pigeon waste would be removed. The scary rats roam like lions in the corridors exempted from the detective eyes of the insecticides. But once the NAAC was to come, immediately amendments were made which left the hostel at least in working condition.
The water facility in the hostel has no filtration equipment and the water cooler is always ‘under maintenance’. To impress the NAAC the cooler was made functioning for a few days by connecting some wires somewhere and making temporary changes but the moment NAAC left the university vicinity the cooler stopped and in the hot and humid April days in the hostel students live without cool water.
NAAC officials who visited the university hostel gave a lecture on how young women these days know the usage of i-pills and left rather than checking whether the university hostel had the fundamental amenities for smooth functioning. The so called in charge warden of the hostel tried very tactfully to stop the students from.
Every official here is thinking about their own comfort and their own lives. No one seems to be bothered about the lives and comfort of the students studying here. One should question the people who sit on chairs claiming to exist for correcting the mistakes in an institution and the officials appointed to keep a check on the quality of education, standard and life-style of a university wherein a healthy atmosphere for the students should be given prime importance.

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