Ramayya Vasthavayya Telugu Movie Review Highlights Movie

The film is packaged entirely around its hero with NTR looking uber cool and as stylish as ever. He got into the skin of the character and has delivered a fantastic performance to shoulder the film. He captivates you with his gaze, his tone of voice, his chuckle and those itsy-bitsy gestures in the first half The fantastic scope for chemistry for his lead duo and NTR-Samantha live it up. The sizzle they share remains the film's highlight. A few dialogues like 'Evadu badithey aaadu buddodu Buddodu antey guddalodadesi kodata', etc., have the theatre exploding Harish Shankar was able to tap NTR's potential, but has gone far too down the line in the processing of showing his rage The second half could be a huge let down as the film has a few illogical twists. The heavy dose of violence coupled with dragging scenes fails to engage the audience The second half lot of resemblances to NTR's earlier films Dammu, etc. and you get a deja vu feeling There's nothing new in script as Harish pens an ordinary revenge drama Chota K Naidu's cinematography is pure art in motion. Every frame is simply spectacular, with him capturing the varied colors and landscapes with brilliance. We can hardly remember any number from Thaman's musical scores All in all, Ramayya Vasthavayya's first half is a fun-ride as you see NTR in his elements. However, the second half could be a disappointment.