Top 5 Job Trends for the year NEw 2014

With changing time, like fashion, job trends too seem to change in favour of the current technological and

Looking at the current job market trend, we at education today have compile a list of Top 5 jobs for the year 2014 which every job seeker should look out for.

Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists: This is one of the hot trending jobs in this consumer driven economy. In a time when consumer behavior and preferences decide the direction of a products demand and supply, market research analysts and marketing specialists play a key role in studying these very patterns of behavior in order to devise the best marketing strategy for their product.

Software Developers: With the growing dependency on gadgets in our daily lives we need someone who can develop the software that these techno devices, and this someone is commonly known as a software developer . Anyone who is interested and drawn towards this career option should possess a B.Tech (computer application) or MCA degree. This job sector has shown a sever per cent growth in the past three years.

Military: Ever country has its own defence mechanism and employees courageous and patriotic individuals to fulfill its man power requirement. This job sector is a constant employer and no matter what time or trend this job will always feature in the trend list.

Mechanical Engineers: It is no surprise that this job has made it to our list as it is one of the key components that fuels this technologically driven world. Mechanical engineers deal with the analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. The job market has shown a 6 per cent growth in this sector.

Food Services: The world works for food, but how cool is it to work with food! The food services industry is never going to die, not until humans find another way of sustenance. This sector is said to see a 12 per cent growth in the coming time and is one of the most lucrative sectors with jobs such as restaurateur, chefs, food designer etc.

social advancements. These jobs trend not only because of their favorability to the current market demand but also because as they boom so does the employment sector, in turn providing employment opportunities to job seekers.
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