Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Truth About Flirting Moves

There's really no secret that guys and girls think differently about most things. Take dating for example, either online dating or real-world hook-ups. There are plenty of flirty moves girls think work that guys think are useless, and vice versa.
People put a lot into flirting. With online dating, everything's digitized and there's no real emotion in it. And after we talk about some of the flirt confusion that goes on between men and women out there, you'll probably be glad that you don't have to put up with that via dating sites.
This isn't exact science; it's typical he-said, she-said. But we'll go over a few dating moves girls are sure of but that guys never want to see as far as 'dating' goes.
The Wink:The ladies out there think that the wink is a seriously working flirt that's in their arsenal at all times. Supposedly, it gives any guy the 'Com'ere, big boy' signal and he'll theoretically go a-chasing. However, a lot of men don't know going on when a woman winks. They're either looking overly interested when they wink (think prostitute), or they seem like they have an eye twitch.
The Flip:Many women are also positive that the hair flip is a great way to get a guy's attention and to let them know that they're interested. Hair is a great flirt. Twirling it with your fingers is a cutesy move that gets a guy's attention when used in conjunction with eye contact and a shy-esque smile. The flip, on the other hand, makes most men think you're ditzy and easy.
Oral Awareness:Drawing attention to your lips by sucking on a lollipop is a flirt move that some women swear by. However, this is a move that gives men the wrong impression. They don't think you're interested in them, as in boyfriend material; they think you want to go out to their car and give them oral. It's definitely not a flirty move to be used by daters.

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