Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thailand World’s Very Bast And Hot Photo Student Uniform

The student uniform has become the center of attention when the Japanese media announced that Thai university uniforms, with its short-sleeve body-hugging white blouse and short form-fitting black skirt common on every university campus in Thailand, as the world’s student uniform.
The starched white shirts, which are adorned with signature campus pins, are frequently so many sizes too small in the bust that they seem to challenge the strength of both fabric and buttons.
The most popular type of student uniforms are the one likened to a Japanese uniform, which consists of a high-waisted top, a plaid skirt and long crew socks. I think Japanese uniforms look cute but many Japanese girls also adorn very revealing uniforms and can easily give the Thai girls a run for the money. Take a look at the Japanese students below.

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