Geneva 2010 Chevy Spark Finally, Fully Revealed

The Chevy Spark was leaked on the eve of the Detroit Auto Show, but it was MIA during the next day's GM press conference "car parade." In its stead, we saw the Beat concept once again as GM announced that the Spark would indeed go into production next year. The mystery of why the actual Spark didn't appear in Motown was solved by our friends at Kicking Tires, and today GM has fully revealed the car ahead of its debut next month in Geneva. As you can see, the production Spark retains most of its Beat cues, right down to that tree-frog-green color, but adds a second set of passenger doors. In a bid to try and keep the original's 3-door look, the rear handles are hidden up in the window blackout trim. This is better executed here than it is, say, on the Jeep Compass, but it's still obviously a 5-door. Inside, you'll find a simplified take on the Chevy brand's current cockpit design, dressed up with body-colored door trim panels and seats that feature contrast stitching and a color-accented fabric pattern. The Instrument cluster is mounted directly to the steering column. GM calls it motorcycle-inspired, but more importantly, it would appear to let the General easily reconfigure the setup for right-hand drive markets. The Spark will launch in Europe early next year with 1.0L and 1.2L DOHC gas engines, and though nothing's been said, we'd imagine that a diesel will have to make it into the mix soon thereafter. Sales in other markets will follow, including the U.S. in 2011, as previously announced in Detroit. We'll have in-person feedback on the Spark for you next month from Geneva. In the meantime, follow the jump for a design overview video and GM's complete press release.