Latest Hijab & Abayas Fashion for Winter Collection 2013

Couture has launched Latest Abaya / Hijab Black Ice Collection Winter 2013 for Muslim Girls and Women. A clothing line where modesty meets new fashion with a flare of lively humanity that’s Amirah Couture, Stylish designs, Conscious virtue, and a commitment to helping others. Traditional Abayas are black and may be either a large square of fabric draped from the shoulders or head or a long caftan. The abaya covers the whole body except the face, feet, and hands. Abayas worn by some women in parts of the Islamic world including in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Couture has introduced high fashion Abaya & Hijab with graceful embroidery, beads and motifs. Amirah Abayas line includes Casual, Formal and Bridal Abayas. Latest fashion trends of bell bottom sleeves, double press shirts, scarves with trouser etc are uniquely added in Kayra which look very elegant. Lets have a look at latest Abaya Hijab Collection 2013 for women.