Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Year Style Edgy And Glam Garments For You And Your Guy

Never thought you can wear menswear? Is your boyfriend always on the plain and safe side? Some local designers featured on Philippine Fashion Week created just the outfits that would get you out of your sartorial shell. For those who want to road test the menswear meets feminine trend, check out the designs of M Barretto for inspiration. His collection of blazers and trousers are classic--with a twist: A hint of flesh can be seen through the mesh fabric he used. As for your guy, update his wardrobe out pieces reminiscent of the casual knits and shirts, tailored tuxedos, and edgy leather jackets found in M Barretto's collection. For all the formal affairs you'll have in the first quarter of the year (romantic Valentine's dinner, anyone?), see the formal wear designed by ESAC. They have everything from sleek and flowy pastel gowns to bright and poufy gowns. Those who want to experiment with different cuts or silhouettes should check out Marlon Rivera's creations to visualize your own unique wardrobe. He showcased tops in uneven cuts paired with sleek, straight trousers, as well as those unexpected peplum gauchos paired with shiny long-sleeved blouses.

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