Philippine Fashion A New Generation 2013

The New Generation Collection featured 12 brand spanking new designers, showcasing their debut collections on the second day of Fashion Week. While guests were brought in at 8:15 pm (in order to start the 8:30 show on time), most of the audience decided to arrive not-so-fashionably late, thus delaying the start of the show. Since half of the seats were placed ingeniously in the middle of the rectangular catwalk, event organizers had to wait for the middle seats to be filled up before starting, as latecomers would've disrupted the sashaying models. Nonetheless the show itself was a success. The 12 young designers showed a stunning display of range and originality, and while there were some misses, strong collections from some individuals drove up the applause as the designers took their place on stage. Fashion week was held in the newly opened SMX Convention Center, a monolith structure found next to the sprawling SM Mall of Asia. The imposing steel and glass structure housed several hangar-like halls. The New Generation Collection was held in Hall 3, which complete whitewashed, with rows and rows of neatly lined up white seats surrounding a sleek catwalk. Guests and media personnel were all chatting up a storm before the show, pausing only to look up each time time a fashion or showbiz celebrity slinked to their seats or when director extraordinaire Joey Espino Jr. strode by in his white and silver ensemble. Finally, perhaps a good 40 minutes after the doors were opened, the lights dimmed and the throbbing beats began.