Icon Of The Week Swatch 2013

The marketing plan was as such: at the peak of Seiko and Casio’s digital watches, Swatch would aim to single-handedly re-popularize analog watches. And because Swatch makers understood a good watch wasn’t good enough in terms of profits, they made sure their watches came in variant odes to fashion, art and design without compromising on function Its importance on art and design really encapsulates Swatch as a brand. In fact, the initial meaning of the name was explained as the Second Watch, marketing watches as a functional but funky, casual accessory. Today however, the name Swatch denotes Swiss Watch, which now exemplifies the Swiss-made qualification of Swatch timepieces. Swatches reached their peak popularity during the mid-80s. Depending on when you were born, you might remember the Pop Swatch (where watches became time-telling brooches), the Swatch Guard (those rubber-band strips that prevented your Swatch face from scratches), and their partnerships with artists like Keith Haring for their Swatch bracelets. I remember these because my mum was all for Swatch. The Full-Blooded collection offers variants of the popular Irony Diaphane Chrono, Full Blooded. The signature design incorporates colour with aluminium bracelets and dials enhanced by white crystals that ensure you can tell the time at any hour. The new models include lightweight red, green, dark blue and brown aluminium link bracelets. Each retails for RM460, and are available at all Swatch outlets now.